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I came here just to clearly undestand how the XP and Adena Drop runes actually works. So far what I can see in my own char its kinda disappointing for this:
- On the XP rune of 200% that says "increase acquired xp by 200%" what actually is going on is that the total XP over the base xp of each mobs its 200%, that means that the extra bonus xp its only 100%, not the 200% that is selling to us.
- sames apply to adena drop rune, I m getting 300% over the base adena drop, this is 200% boost not the +300% advice on the rune.


I ll really appreciate a direct answer from moderators and a healthy discussion among players.

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welcome to NCWest were it's very common to see bad translations :)

anyways what you mention here has always been like that aka 10+ years and as it's just a bad item description you're unhappy about would it really make it so much difference for you if they rectified that ? the bonus effects will remain the same and you would still have bought it if it had listed the correct effects as regardless how you look at it it's the best boost you can get.

btw just to clarifiy 1 thing here in case you weren't aware but drop & prestige rune effects are shared over the party, meaning that if you're in party with chars that do NOT have also drop & prestige rune the net boost effect is lowered accordingly - this is why you see players in game asking for other prestige rune users to group with when they farm adena (stronghold etc.) and want the current party XP bonus boost

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