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New Clan War system


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I dont know if this was intended, but i hope it wasnt.
You can now declare war on a clan. They will never know it. It does not show up on their clan system window, and they cannot accept/cancel.

As a result now anyone can just declare war and do aggro skills and flag an entire afk party to kill them.

Make up your minds in NCsoft pls. You either promote afk gameplay or u dont.
You cant promote afk gameplay and then do something like this that contradicts it directly.
This change is already abused in the game

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Additional issue for looping parties who want to protect themselves from PKers:

You HAVE to set Taunt/PC to protect from Chaotic players.

Rival Clans' WHITE players will be targeted and you will kill them.  This will make your char Chaotic (Red)

You can't drop items to players killing you anymore.  Cool.  BUT you can still drop items to mobs.

As @Ingwaz pointed out above, ANYONE can now flag ANYONE else, unless they're untagged (not in a clan).  So all the player who just made you red has to do is flag your buffers, kill them without penalty and let your red char die to mobs:

Or, because strong players rarely EVER die to mobs and will no longer drop gear to player deaths, they can just PK all your buffers without fear of losing their gear:

Free Gear Farm, voila!


I doubt this was intended.  These PvP changes were unnecessary and caused SO many issues.

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