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Coming here from classic.

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I stopped playing the classic servers,is not worth my time and my money,plenty of bots,people only want adena,and plenty of weirdos kiddos around makes the game for people like me being not worth.

So i come to GoD servers,at least i can solo and level up quicker,and about weirdos kiddos under 25 years old,internet will never save itself from this crap.

Now the question is,i maked a Tyrr Dreadnought,i always liked warlords,right now i am level 96 and with the event,i will get level 99 in no time. What i want to know is: tyrr dreadnoughts are good in sieges? I mean,the AoE is good for farm if you have decent equipment,but in sieges with OP mages maybe is a bit difficult,so they are decent in sieges? Becuase my objective in this game is go on a siege,never did one in my 15 years Lineage 2 time.

I need to spend much money for being decent at mass pvp? I plan to get R99 grade heavy armor and R110 grade spear soon,at least for have a good AoE PvE farm.

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You will be a non-factor on sieges, even if you buy gear worth 10,000 dollars.
There is no difference between classic and "Live". Both is pay to win.

You will be unable to farm in pve as well if you don't spend at least a few thousand dollars. You will see.
Better take the opportunity and quit L2 entirely

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No no quitting just adjust your expectations. It will take you years to become siege worthy, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the game. It goes on and on for decades, no easy way. Even if you put thousands in you would still need to learn.

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