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I have a questions to our community staff.

Why another provider(this one from Europe) can share some information with their playerbase (not only about next update) and our staff mosty put "dry" informaton about weekly maintenance ?

Why u are just "watching" instead speak with us(in many topics)?

Why Support team(from tickets) can help with account/payment problems, but when u ask about game problems you do not want share or info from them are outdated?

As well i think, that this topic can change into playerbase question..

So.. Write Your questionsB|(but please serious ones)B|

PS. i know, that probability of response from our staff is around 1%, or even less, but maybe miracle will happen :D


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No questions, but a few answers. Conguero, please correct me if I am wrong!

The main reason for the difference in community management is that DIL and Fragola are very very intelligent people (in a medical sense, as in having a high IQ). Don't get deceived by the smileys and funny avatars. There is nothing casual in their interaction with the Innova community - they know precisely what they are doing and do it precisely. Simply put, because they are intelligent people, they can foresee developments, they realize at an early point where forum discussions are heading, and step in with factual information before conspiracy theories ever get off the ground. Here are for example DIL's posts on Rochand:
Click on them and scroll a bit up and down to check the context, then you will see what I mean :)

The Innova staff can do that because they do nothing else. They just have to deal with Lineage 2 (Classic and regular), whereas Conguero must also take care of the WildStar forums and Neutron as Acting Producer has to spend far more time with bureaucracy than the actual game. Add to that the fact that Fragola is an ex-player who was very active writing guides before she was hired by Innova, i.e. she knows how the game works and can answer many content-related questions off the top of her head, without having to bother DIL. Conguero, on the other hand, does not play Lineage 2 and can only post the "dry" maintenance notices he gets handed, without actually understanding what the text says.

The same goes for support. The first line of defense has been outsourced to Zendesk. Those people do not play the game and can only give the answers they find in their database. Account/payment problems tend to be recurring standard issues (the L2Store interface has wandered off the screen, a payment has been canceled by the bank, flagging you as a suspicious person ...). Game problems are not so easy to solve; often the QA Department aka Neutron can't even say whether something is a bug or working as intended. In tricky cases NCWest must contact the developers, with e-mails being sent back and forth, needing to be translated and often still being misunderstood. Here is a recent example:
(the discussion continues further down the page)

But all this doesn't really matter. When you look at it from NCWest's point of view, then Innova is doing their dirty work, with them being able to take it easy and smiling to themselves when players post information obtained from other forums. In the time he doesn't have to spend checking the Korean patch notes, Conguero can have another cup of coffee :D

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What an interesting and intelligent answer!  Thanks, as usual, Yidao.  It is a shame, though, that we have so little response from NCWest.  Just scroll through the suggestions topics and see how few times the GMs have bothered to even acknowledge suggestions, must less act on them.  It's hard to escape the conclusion that they simply don't care about their customers.  Such a shame, for such a great game.

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