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How to log in 7 chars in 1 minute ?

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i found room in Devotion with OL trying to kill 1 mob, so i just start farming. And in couple of minutes somehow 7 characters was logged in and they just started farming. Can somebody tell me how it is possible or only 3rd party programs can do it. Somebody may know who is that nice guy and i may receive answer.

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its a botting system.if you observe you can see ALL of them.i am trying to farm event monsters at plains of the Lizarmen, and i see everyday the same players botting.so they are spotting the event monster on the other side of the field, they hit and after some seconds,specific seconds...they go to open the chest,if i open it,they stop untill they target the other event monster.when they found a rock or a tree, they stuck..macros cant target event monster or open chests.all botts are wearing full A armor,they cant killed by agressive monsters.they go all together and make the same moves.i am trying to gather some fruits to sell and they want all of them because they are 24/24 hours there.they NEVER leave.i reported them all.Gms said"this will take time" so the event will be over by then.They will search...what to search? just one gm to observe the place.its not so difficult i think....at first i wasted 5 hours to try to find some event monsters,i even sat on one spot waitting for the event monster to appear.but i m tired.i felt dizy cause of the camera,and they even was there..they are afk making money,this is easy money.one fruit from 50.000-80.000 adena.

As for the pin..in my pc if i open 2-3 windows,at the 3-4 one is disconnected.windows cant wait to set the pin very long.and i have full internet and gaming pc with 16g ram.it is impossible to have the time for 7 chars.

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Why would you need a gaming pc with 16 gig - it is limited to 3 clients anyway. I can use three at the same time on a 10 year old Core2Duo 8500 with 4 GB ram.

Are you saying you are running 7 clients on one PC? That shouldn't work. Normally. Right?


And yes, the event farmers you describe are botting scum just like those "players" who use a bot to permanently cruise abandoned camp with their speed improvement transforms picking up only the lucrative items (d grade, enchants, crafting pouches) and leaving everything else on the floor. Although the client will not let you target specific drops on the ground by macro, these cheaters have their chars pick up items selectively all the time, every day, fully automated. The will go failproof in a straight line to the next "good" drop and if that is picked up before they reach it they instantly switch target and go in a straight line to the next drop they have obviously marked as desired in their bot software.

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client limit is 10, not 3.

Also, the way to do this is to log those 7 clients, and login a different char on each client.

Then when ur ready u just restart on all of them and no pin is required. 

Not sayin theres no botting, just saying u can achieve similqr result otherwise

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