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Unscheduled Live Server Maintenance: Saturday, October 10, 2020

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Renew the 6000 days code ,  we may get it again   that sounds the bell

Melee attack speed is still slow, bugged, damage is 30% lesser. Exp is 30% or more lesser. When we can FINALLY fix this bug?

I expect something for this inconvenience!!!  My only day off from work and I want to play the game I'm paying for with my hard earned money.  That's how this shit works....  I pay for a service and y

1 hour ago, scrapy5672 said:

What problem requires them to  rollback.

this doesn't explain what the issue is. other than some one crying that there not getting what they paid for... sure  would be nice to know what the issue really is. 


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i remember gm use to log into game....

be nice and now it seems they want your money they full of greed no buff for this.

what happened you guys love our money but dont want to make it right from your screw ups.

please this dandy and dragon buff is like laughing at us... what if we stopped paying n coin from you then really think of it 


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On 10/11/2020 at 3:27 AM, spearmint said:

Hwy @juji what did you guys screw up to ruin drops in primeval island even with prestige and destiny 0 scrolls in an hour FIX THIS  i expect to get what i pay for with destiny and prestige!.

Its not true. PI drop ~20-25 scrolls. Stop using bugs - and will get drop.

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