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Returning player wishing to know good plunder areas 100+

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Hi all.


So as the title says me and my cousin are returning players and we played when spoiling was a thing! That however seems to have changed and it's now all integrated into on skill, now my question is as a lv100 where are the best placed to plunder now and going forwards?



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I'm sure you guys have out-leveled your areas but I will answer the question for anyone looking in the future.


Basically, spoil/plunder has turned into a supplementary skill rather than the class specialty. Granted, you're the only class with that ability, it no longer defines the class. What now defines the class is higher than average PvE damage (due to coin damage buff and old OFS passive).

You wont, or can't rather.. Spoil/plunder anything under 105 if I recall correctly..

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