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Cleric towards bishop lf CP.


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I am currently level 36,leveling using only the white ball skill,is just annoying in alligator island,my mp run out of mana very quick,i can not kill even 3 npcs and get only 1% of XP bar every ENTIRE mana bar. I am looking for a constant party who need a healer,for those levels to forward,i have C grade armor,weapon,jewels,dragon pendant level 2,taurus agation +3 and the valakas necklace of the event. I have no idea where i can kill undead at this level.

Pm or mail Ximinett for info.

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2 hours ago, Oktoberfest said:

even with event still 36? :D

I have another characters,but since the event ends,i will focus on the cleric who have the valakas necklace,the cleric account is from 2006 and i get 700 event coins in one hit. Bot do not worry,i already found a clan who help me.

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