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Main class change


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  1. Changes to the main class using the Stone of Destiny can be made to NPC'Eratone' in the Temple of Einhasad in Aden Castle Town.
  2. You can change the main class with the Stone of Fate and the main class cloak in your inventory.
  3. When changing the main class, the cloak of the existing main class and the Stone of Destiny are deleted, and the changed cloak of the main class is given.
  4. The level is maintained when changing the main class.
  5. When changing the main class, all the unique skills that the existing class possessed (including all the skills acquired with rune stones and advanced rune stones) will be deleted, so please proceed carefully.
  6. There are restrictions on the classes that can be changed for each race, and details can be found in the event announcement.
  7. When changing the main class, some skills that can be learned regardless of class, such as Forgotten Power skill, Noblesse skill, Honors skill, Dual Class skill, Inventory-related skill, are retained.
  8. When changing the main class, the Olympiad score is reset to 1000 points, and the runes of the 1st and 2nd place in the Olympiad class are deleted.
  9. The Stone of Destiny obtained from the top of the Red Balance will be deleted at the regular inspection on November 25, 2020 (Wednesday).


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I think they should give back the runestones and the items used to enchant the skills when you change class. 

To little to late for me. i have a wynn as main class and every single update they get worse. I think they should just delete those class because they do not have the ability to make it a playable class

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