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Fun At AF vs Peppinio , Kingscoobz and other Nova members


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First fight its 7vs7 with dustpug untaged recording . second fight its 9 nova vs 7 ms with dustpug untaged recording again and 3rd its 9 nova +2 fs witch both nova and fs members port after the pvp starteted with brooch br and br including abundance +full skills and still 11 vs 7 ms nova  lost the pvp . I dont even talk about the stage 3 dragon weapon who runs around like a chicken with no head.                                                                            This is facts not trash talks . i have seen many times nova go for 7 vs 7 and bring members fully active to try win the pvp when they start to loose . We all understand why nova transferring to naia they cant keep up with competition . tac tic tac tic tac . time is ticking ms are kicking out nova top players out of the server .

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