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NCSoft needs to be fast on balancing classes

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It does not take a year to fix ridiculous ideas.

not only are feohs tankier than tanks

not only do they have top damage

but they thought "hey let's add reflect on that"

please, get your **** together Mana Body needs to be emergency ninja nerfed along with all the other bull****


EDIT: forgot, top mobility and top aoe

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balance? tan nerf yulls b4 any other class. feo n.1 in 1vs1 in a pt still yull better.

about the dmg when i see evry1 runing with+10-12 enchanted accesories then we can start talkin about feo dmg. and let me guess u have no jewls for dmg reflect but u want to beat class based on that then gl for u.

want balance? whers balance mp skill for healers? whers progresive mp recharge? any other class gets kill>res and fight, feo gets up and dys from aoe if no pots rdy

this without talkin on the ridicules skill mastery and half kills.

forgot to mention hide and ofc speed while feo shield up its basicly like cliking the walk/run butten while speed of yull is ridiculous.

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