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Server Politics and Sides

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Raistlin    0

Hi guys,

I'm an old player, start in C3 and quit in Kamael (march 2008). I dunno why but I restart in Classic from few mounth. In my day there were mainly 2 Sides, a lot of clan and people but 2 big alliance in war that competing for castles and epic boss (a lot of pvp for epic boss!!!).

Now is different a lot of things change but i would understand what happends in the server. How many sides are there? There is only one Siege (Giran) WHY???

Why the map is incomplete? I can't see Heine (old map) and Runes-Shuttgard.

Anyway my first impression is the server is too calm: not wars and pvps just a lot of pve... I hope i'm wrong just because i'm exping and i don't see endgame spot like TOI, LOA and DV (usually in my time in the endgame spot there were everytime pvp).

Thanks for reply, i want just understand how work the server and if i want/can play there.

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