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Homunculus Instructions

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tunggah    0

Collecting enchant points: ??? need help

Each day I have collected the XP points, but done nothing else. I have filled EXP to the max stats.

Are the remaining two for SP, and Powerful Fish?

And should I have filled the other two, each day when I collected the EXP?

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iHyperlite    8

Ok, no one has responded so I guess i will try to explain homus. 

1st things 1st, you have to birth a homu first. You do this by "injecting" HP (health, 10k per click), vitality points (1 bar per click), sp (5b per click) and time (24 total hours). 


When a homu is birthed, it will be common, water or luminous. Luminous is the highest grade, and you cannot make a common homu water or luminous. If you want luminous of a certain type, you have to birth it.


Once a homu is birthed, you upgrade it via enchant points. You earn these by killing monsters. A homu can level up to lvl 5. Each level unlocks a new sphere to roll on and try to get 3 of 3 upgrade points.


Outside of that, it's all luck and grinding.


Ask any other questions, I'll try to help. 

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