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If you dont have the resources to even sustain your adena while farming (meaning that by going out to XP you actually LOSE money and not gain it) then you probably should not spam soulshots 100% of the time. You will end up getting higher and higher in level and needing new gear, but not making any money at all to afford it.


Apparently you can go fishing and then buy R crystals with fish and craft shots from them - but I am not sure if that is actually faster/more efficient than just going out and kill mobs without soulshots that you can manage (unless you only hunt in groups and need to use shots, in which case I really don't know)

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you will get profit, but you have to farm a lot.

Best way for soulshots is to craft them, don't buy them from player shops as they are cheaper to craft.

1.Go to Aden, Options > Find private store, look for "CRY".

2.If you find a good Cry R seller with prices between 19k-22k / R crystal, buy as many as you can. I usually buy 500 at a time, but if you are low on cash, buy at least 50.

3.Don't buy Spirit Ore from Aden! Use your aghation TP to Giran skill, and do /target Riki

4.Buy Spirit Ore from Riki (Mineral trader) since they are cheaper.

For each 500 soulshots you need 2 cry R + 80 Spirit Ore. Do the math on how many you can afford. For each cry R you need 40 Spirit Ore.


LE: Also if you follow the main "kill 40k mobs" quests, you will get 100k soulshots for each quest.

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