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Misrepresenting chance on God Jewels

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I have recently Made 7 Attempts to craft a paagrio earring. Here is what the "chance" is according to NC Soft As you can see the chance above shows the SAME description for each.. if the pro

Agreed. Showing "high" chance for both outcomes indicates a 50/50% chance.  Tests by numerous individuals has proven that this is not the case. This is at best misleading your playerbase, and at worst

UPDATE:  NC Soft has now turned off my support and no longer replies to any ticket I place.  The point of this post isn't about "Nova" it's about the GAME being fair... EVERYONE being able t

6 minutes ago, Tuky said:

Srry but as I see it that very low, low, high is just some kind of space for probability for example

very low 0,001 - 0,2%

low 0,2 - 2,5%

normal 2,5-15%

high 15% - 85%

very high 85 - 99,999%

Thats why if high:high its not 50:50   but also can be 15:85 because both numbers are in specification 

Sure there should be more crazy 1:x

does not matter  how YOU see it, that's your opinion

you get 2 options, your not following us, fail or pass, there is no 3rd option

fail or pass, posted as same chance, period.


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1 hour ago, Degus said:

my last post, look at a roulette wheel, 50% chance red, 50% chance black, then theirs that 1 green which represents the tiny percent that makes odds just under/over 50%

In a roulete, casino has no preference, in both cases some will lose and some will win.. In the case of the OP you have 2 possible outcomes, where 1 is like a jackpot and the other is like a fail..

These events have nothing to do with a roulette, its more like a slot where an algorithm decides the outcome.. No physical rules apply..

Everything works as planned in a casino and you can never beat them.. You may win once but you will lose 50 times.. And yes authorities do check casinos and there is nothing illegal there.. The probabilities work in the billions.. If you can't try 5 billion times, it's "your fault"... This is how RNG works and it's quite legal in casinos..

Take a slot machine for an example, where payout is 90%... You think you will win 9 out of 10 times? You are wrong... You may lose 500 dollars just for fun and the next one may win with just 2 dollars.. Illegal? No, just casino practice..

And believe me i am not taking out of my ass about this..

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