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PK system and BOTS


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Hello everyone. This post is mainly intended for server administrators.

With the end of the XP event and NO LOSS OF XP WHEN YOU DIE, the change in the PK system has become even more unsustainable.

The PK does not lose items when it dies. Which means that more advanced players in the game, with better items, go around the map killing players who just want to play. This, added to the fact that on all maps there are entire hordes of bots running 24x7 (and this is no secret to anyone, least of all administrators), what happens is that the owners of the bots enter their characters very well equipped (after all, bot gives money) and kill anyone who approaches the area where the bot is running. And if you organize a pt to kill the PK, it doesn't drop anything, it just comes back and continues the killing.

So, I still hope that the server administrators, @Juji and @Hime, will pay special attention to the following points:

1 - The PK system, which may have been altered with a view to allowing players to eliminate bots, is only favoring bot owners;

2 - It is necessary, and I believe that this is not just my claim, that the problem of bots be seen as something more serious. It is uncontrollable. There are places that a real player can’t play because he’s taken over by bots.

Please, these isolated points are enough to discourage players, so together there is a little bit of discouragement for the entire server. Only those who are really enjoying these mentioned points are those who use bot software.

That was an outburst. I like the game, but as things are going, it's hard to have fun.

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Let me add to the above statements which btw are absolutely true the following.

- The flagging system is being abused. There should be an option to turn off PvP so people cant flag your afk groups.

- Remove adena drops from lower level mobs, maybe up to level 50 or 60, and buff the adena drops of mobs after that proportionately to the difficulty level. It is insane that a LoA Karik drops 2-3k adena and some lvl 25 trashmob from Abandoned Camp drops 400 adena. This way all bots will be gone the next day.

Normally what i would expect by farming with my main party in very difficult mobs with end game gear would be to make back what i spend on consumables and also make a decent profit. What happens now is everyone needs to run 20 alt characters farming low level trash to fund soulshots for main group. 

- PK-ing should be something that has consequences and not something that you casually do. All this new system has to offer is to promote abuse and toxic behavior.

In what world does it make sense for someone to PK entire groups for fun while they farm and continue doing it all night without any consequences (if they die they dont drop anything). 

- New clan enemy system is being abused, it needs to be reverted back to how it was. If you check most top players are currently clanless, i think you can understand why.

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