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Actual current "drop items when red" mechanics now?


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So I googled and searched and found several discussions, most of them ending with fighting over if red chars can drop anything or not, and if items are actually "destroyed" or not.

There were various statements regarding PK count (4 and higher, higher than 4, 10 and higher?) and about things not having been implemented as they were announced.

Does anyone know a reliable detailed description of how it actually is now?

The reason I ask is not because I want to mass-pk without losing items, but because I have various items on old chars that are either bound (and NCSoft removed the unbind/reseal function) or were once tradable and have been made UNTRADABLE while I was away for years. Example: I had LOTS of seal scrolls for D,C,B,A armor and weapons that turned items from bound back into unidentified. Back then, they were cluttering all my chars inventories and I wasnt sure who will need them in the future, so I put them all on one storage char. Fast forward to me starting to play again in 2020 and this char now holds more than 160 various scrolls that all have become UNTRADABLE but doesnt even have any items on him to use those scrolls. Thanks NCSoft.


I was thinking if it was possible to make that char very red and then kill him over and over so drop these scrolls, or the other way around if it was possible to make the chars with bound items red and then have them drop the bound items haha. So...how DOES the "drop when killed while red" mechanic work in fafurion?

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On 10/30/2020 at 2:11 AM, Rangur said:

Thanks that was clearing things up!

What people want is for them to roll back system so reds can drop items. Last I heard the GMs were still trying to figure out best approach, because griefers could easily make AFK players who use certain AOE skills go red, kill them, and then pick up whatever drops they can. It's a mess. 

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