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This is not MMORPG.

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This is not MMORPG. This is rather an MMO-CASINO. Please make it clear on the front page of the website.

MMORPG - an online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously. (Definitions from Oxford Languages)

v an online ~ well good job at this one
v video game ~ well good job at this one too
x role-playing ~ roles do exist but, concept of playing roles does not exist; check for instance the Enchanter forum how much people complain on ruined enchanter solo gameplay 
x a very large number ~ even with multi-window gameplay allowed online of active people is fairly low
x of people ~ multi-window is not people is 1 person
x participate simultaneously ~ no solo gameplay, one party member disconnected and 6 people screwed, disconnect happens more often then items drop from daily gamble boxes

* no fine quests to explore the open world
* no fine crafting system
* all the gearing up happens only via $ -> NCoin -> Adena -> Competitive Gear or $ -> NCoin -> Gamble Items -> Competitive Gear

On the other hand it has gambling embedded in almost every aspect of the game and  makes this game a casino.
|I'd have a vote attached but this forum designed to attract new players by having all the functionality that would allow to write a critical post - removed.
It does not even have a way to upload screenshots.

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The most disgusting thing is that they dare to call "classic" classic.
It's a despicable version of what Lineage used to be and properly show the greed of the company.
Be ready to put out at least 300 euro every month or you wont stand a chance!
I would rather pay a subscription fee like.... oh classic??

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