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Bug or feature? Character blinking in and out

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So since yesterday, when I come across one of the MANY mobspawns inhabited by one of the MANY bots in the game (hello elven summoners) and I hold down the pickup key, it happened 5 times by now that my screen faded out for a second and then faded in again, like the game resetting something. After this happens, I can not do anything in the game anymore, every action I take results in me fading out and fading in again. I cant throw anything away, crystallize something, trade, and it gives weird and nonsensical error messages. Like when I try to discard bone arrows, even when trying to discard ONE it will tell me I exceeded the number I may put in. If I try to destroy them, it says "the number is incorrect". Picking up something works but is followed by a fade in / fade out event like everything else I do.


What is that? Is this some weird antibot measure because I performed too many (pickup) actions in a short time? Or is it an actual bug? It does not go away even when I logout and login again, I have to actually close the client and restart to fix it ><

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