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Dead Server


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  • Hey guys, I've started playing again since last week, spent few bucks just to see if the server is at least same as 2/ 3 years ago. But it got worse than that. there were 2 or 3 parties for the siege in Aden castle last week. But what makes me confused is that why "few player" still spending thousands of dollars? why don't you guys boycott NC? I know you guys love it and don't want NC shut down L2, I love the game as well. I just want NC to reduce price of items and let players enjoy. everyone is botting for what? spending for what? just to kill mobs? LOL. I am sure there were hundreds of topics posted before mine. But L2 Community! Please, Stop spending, and BOYCOTT NC. they make a lot of money from L2 and L2m. I am sure they are gonna reduce the price since L2 is one of the games that makes good profit for the company
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NC West selling strategy is to create exclusivity.

Instead of selling their virtual items at a fair price, that would lead to hugely increased amount of lower value transactions(and gameplay balance), they want fewer customers(that can) to pay really high at a very fewer amount of transactions.

In that way they can keep those rich customers because they want to keep being better the rest of the playerbase. And also wont flood the server with overpowered items.

If they do a sale with cheap prices the server may get saturated with items, making the consequent sales sell less because most will already have those items. Making them having to create new items more often, which costs them money for development.

Until Juji gets replaced we wont see changes. We need a new producer with different selling strategy. There's a billion examples that show that selling cheap in large quantities increases more the revenue than selling expensive in lower quantities for a small select group of customers.
And we're talking about virtual items here.. that can be created out of thin air.

From Google:

noun: exclusivity; plural noun: exclusivities
  1. 1.
  2. 2
  3. 3.
    the state of catering for or being affordable by only a few, select customers.
    "the hotel's emphasis is on exclusivity and luxury"


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I have a low lvl clan to which I invite many newbies who start the game. At first they are all very excited, play actively, chat a lot etc, overall it's fun, but somewhere around lvl 103 they become discouraged, frustrated and also bored - most of them quit even before they get to 105. Those who do hit 105 quit shortly afterwards as well. I've seen this many times over the last years, when they start asking 'how to I get my rune stones?' etc I know the end is near :/

Servers cannot thrive without new people and you cannot bring new people to the game with the current NC's strategy.

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Lord Helvie

Here you are right the game kills RUNE STONE.
The new player will not play l2 to pay space adena, for rune stone up to 105, he is not able to earn a beat mooby omg !!!
This is the cause of bad l2 policy.
That's why a new game will never hit 105 !!!
They are guilty themselves that the new ones do not play, they make spots and then they give up omg. Harnak Underground Ruins, Ancient Arcana where's the logic?

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On 11/11/2020 at 10:43 AM, Weenz0x1 said:

Dead server with heavy traffic, you guys are so funny :D

Heavy with bots who are afk 24/7.   Some are new players till they hit 105. Then you won’t see them. Look for new players in higher lvl farm places. You barely see new players.  What you think about buyer shops? There are buyers who buy new event boxes at some price. It doesnt matter the event is worst or not. There are buyers. Who the hell buys event boxes even though you barely make Adena? And where do they get that much Adena? Probably NC bots who let you sell your bought boxes with your ncoins. Compare sieges between official and illegal servers. illegal servers got more players playing in sieges. ?   

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80% of the time you see a player <105 it is a new box from someone.
20% of the time it is a new player who eventually stops at 105-107 after he needs to gear it's puppy with 3000€.

Among those 20%, 5% of players stay, some will continue until 109/110 if there is another exp event running.

2% might eventually go beyond 110-112.

Most of the time it is a new Box Yul from someone in order to make IOS later and have an additional 350-700M/h.

I came back exactly 1 year ago, made 95->112 60%, dual 107 and multiple chars like evi109/tank110, ISS 110/Dread 107, Feoh 107 and I skip the rest.

I had to do a lot of mentees to get Adena, Fishing afterwards.

Until I eventually got bored and made a Dreadnought to be runner in SI, because the income was faster. Bought daily SI stones from players to make 3x SI per day.

Today I hit 350-700M/hour in IOS after a year, count that 3x because I buy IoS Stones from players. Today, I am shouting for a Runner ;)

Some people either open their wallets, others play a year for the same result.

I even started buying Destiny Pack through players. Only 15€ to get Prestige on Main toon.

It is supposed to be a cycle among players, today you run for me, tomorrow someone else will do it.

Also, people are too greedy.

A Ketra/Varka party among players 107-112 should be a benefit to all. You can powerlevel your clan friends like this. But since everyone is a "greedy pig", they will prefer to buy a second laptop or 3rd party to box another 3 of their own chars in order to sustain their own party boxes.

=> This is the reality.

Also their marketing is totally wrong.

I have spent a couple of euros in diverse games, always got at least the item I was seeking for. Since the past 6 months, I stopped buying so heavenly NC boxes, because 95% of the time, you do not get the items you want.

Other games where you pay, at least after 250-500€ you get the required item.

One dude I know has spent over 1M NCoin on last God Jewelry! He got 2 jewelry that he needed.

That is nuts and out of reality.

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