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Yes my dear archer friend. They cut out our aoe BASE chance from 10% to 5%. A 50% reduction.

That means that before you would critical hit 1 mob out of 10 in an AOE. Now, you're most likely to not critical at all!

And all the buffs/items/skill enchantents that increase the critical chance are less effective because they boost the base chance that got nerfed.

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19 minutes ago, Dominator4 said:

Even with half gear  and more is best char for pve  from all char in pi storm ios toi(this need amazing gear but still best class) the most important think in lineage . Thats why the most of ppl create yull box to farm this zones. 

LoL, nope. You're talking about top archers. In the middle tier, any AOE wizard would be better. For some zones it requires tank to pull to the point, but PI, SW, Tanor, FoM, FoS and many more like that no need even puller.. 


Middle tier means not oneshot whole spot in lvl-to-lvl area*

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So we must see only low gear ppl and not mid gear top gear player( you know is more important the high spenders for nc soft) just an example after nerf yull with 500bil gear make 370+kk in ios feoh with 1.5tril gear make 335. You see only yull go in 2 spot ios. Its simple math better critical rate better critical dmg aoe hits more effective for yull in important places he have amazing single target dmg. Yull is top char for pve and pvp for years

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