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What has happened to this game..........?


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I've not played for y e a r s. 

I've come back to the game to play what I remember used to be an awesome game. Much to my dismay, whether I made an elf, human, orc or dwarf, they all started in precisely the same place, precisely the same town and ended up getting levelled up BY THE GAME. Classic is not what I remember. The game literally does not allow you to follow the old race and class paths of the old game. You don't have to go to the class grandmasters to level up and learn skills? What happened to the actual old gameplay? The dwarfs used to start in the dwarfen village, the elves used to start out in the elven village and the orcs used to start out in the orc village. To train skills you used to have to go to your race's master/grandmaster and learn skills from them. You also didn't get seemingly infinite Skill points - it'd require a bit of brain power to pick how you spent your points. 

Not only this, but the daily 'missions' are giving XP out for killing x amount of mobs or for doing hilariously pointless tasks. There's also no quests, which used to be the main way to get XP, armor and weapons, as well as a fairly hefty amount of Adena. 

Also, can I ask what the point of the 'Live' servers are? They completely powerlevel you to level 85.... and then just leave you there to grind for hours on end to level 95.. only to do it all over again....? What's going on? Who thought of this? It took literally half an hour to get to level 85. The 'Live' servers feel completely aimless and pointless. The old game used to have a maximum level of 95, for christs sake.

Does anyone know if the REAL Lineage 2 that I'm looking for still exists, or has this been completely ruined by overzealous, greedy, corporate bosses wanting money?

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Live server is Lineage2 minus levels 1-85, minus all quest, minus almost all the content you loved. Cant say much about the highend levels as I stopped the madness.

Classic server is Lineage2 minus level 1-20, minus all quests, minus most of the content you loved but PLUS elven summoner farmbots in every single lowlevel mob spawn only interrupted by them automatically porting to get rebuffed and automatically go back to one of the 24/7 camped faming spots.

Oh and - as they removed equipment grades, any higher level mobspawn that does not have a farmbot is likely to have a party botted with an enchanted highlevel weapon to powerlevel an army of more farmtrain characters....so yeah. What you look for is sadly lost.

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The point of this game is just to spend a lot of money on the L2 store. That's the only way to get anything in this game.

All the D,C,B,A,S,S80 gear became useless once they added exalted and that becomes useless at 105. All the old XP grounds are useless now  the K85,90,95 are useless now.

This game was destroyed before i worked hard to get to lvl 99 in the past and to get R99 gear,  I recently just came back and realized all that gear became useless. since I returned to the game only 1 good event has passed the XP event. 

I personally very disappointed  how NCsoft has turned this game too. only catering to anyone with deep pocket and 110+ level.

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