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A Couple Thoughts For Improvements


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Long time player (original chronicles), first time poster... I’d like like to preface this by saying I’m not here to tell people how to do their jobs, because obviously a lot of time and money was put into developing Lineage.


The game has always been a grind, but it’s becoming almost fairly boring and stale. Rather than adding interesting content, the game seems to be cut back every few months. This is the case for all levels. Just a couple thoughts to correct course:


Add more multi-sequence raids such as Frintezza, where there is variety in stages and toons can have different roles during different parts of the raid. There is actual strategy. It’s much more enjoyable, than say zaken, where everyone just pushes F1.


Increase Adena rate permanently. There is no reason why people should have to run 10 clients to farm Adena for 1 toon to level, and then barely make any profit. This only encourages negative behavior such as using 3rd party Adena sources and biot farming. Ever notice how much more active and fun the marketplace is during Adena events? Login seems up drastically. 

Make crafting great again. Dwarfs are useless and the ability to make money crafting is basically gone (ie: sps crafting was fun last year)


Dial back the Pay 2 Win Events, and if you do them, post rates...we are playing a video game not going to Vegas and playing roulette. I personally stopped participating in them because they are clear money grabs and prices seem to go up each time.  Let me guess, your adding cloaks next week and there will be some special higher end cloak? Your loosing players each month because of these events. NC wouldn’t have to change so much per item if there was more players.....


Add story lines, quests, or just something to do other than killing 10k mobs on loop while drinking coffee. Why are all of the quests gone??


Open up another castle(s)...it was a lot of fun teleporting around to various battlefields




Add L76 subclass and other goodies. It would add a lot of variety to use the same toon a d try different classes  maybe increase it to L80?


Add more Mobs in hunting areas  maybe even make them aggressive to make areas more interesting. Think FI party area.

Add more hunting areas, and not just places where only toons that have $10k invested can kill a mob. This limits the player base.


Why should someone who stumbles uponL2 from Google decide to play past 50 and why should they stay at the higher levels? I’m personally starting to loose interest and have dialed back play time.


We should be encouraging new people to join and be active, it will make it more fun for everyone...not pander to 50 players who want to spent $1k on the L2 casino every month....10k players spending $10i is more revenue for NC Soft.


-Zex (85 SPH)


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1) About raids sure, moreover they could add some daily instances either solo or group with good exp and adena rewards

2) Not needed, it will only increase prices since the actual price for 1billion adena/ $ will increase accordingly. A better solution would be to remove the consumable costs, specifically soulshots either by removing them altogether and increase base weapon damage or by adding them to the daily missions.

3) What they should do is make spoilers spoil random crafting herbs and for warsmiths to have lower costs and higher chances in random crafting depending on their stats/level.

4) This is something that needs to be toned down, there are way too many OP P2W items available ingame right now, a briliant example is this new pendant.

5) Quests wont work well with how the game is currently configured, its all around auto-hunting and multi-boxing. The only way this could make any sense would be to make the quest rewards be substantial so someone will stop their auto-hunt loop for 1 hour and make it worth it.

6) I dont understand why there arent other castles available, its one of the few fun things left in the game. Having just 1 castle is boring.

7) There are some big topics discussing this in the forum, to sum it up the whole way PvP works now is very wrong and promotes toxic behaviour.

8) Subclasses are good, add more variety for people at level 85.

9) Hunting areas need a revamp, they make absolutely no sense atm. The only areas that make sense are Elemental Zones which have no drops.

10) Nostalgia? For me it was the auto-hunt as it allows me to make competitive progress without playing all day cause of real life/work.

11) New people dont join Lineage 2, its only old people with money ;)

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open up more areas to hunt. even Antharas lair is becoming crowded now.....where is hellbound...monastary of silence.....comeon guys you need to add some content so this isnt boring......there are no quests for anything anymore.....mobs drop absolutely nothing....it costs 100 mill a day in lair of antharas for a full party to xp and nothing drops....part of the fun of this game was getting a full drop, doing quests, working toward a goal.....now the only goal is the next level which has no skills to learn.......comeon guys!

its embarrassing what you have done to the dwarf class. They virtually have no reason to exist....spoils are non existent, no crafting....since mats dont drop and spoils of mats dont happen you have made crafting absolutely cost ineffective!


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