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1 minute ago, frankznbeanz said:

any chance of the prestige pack ever getting updated? its how many years old now and still the same. @Juji @Hime 

Add hero coin store, L2 store, and why not, let's ask for faction update too while we're at it.


Edit: +1 to prestige being updated to relevant stuff

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This month I canceled my subscription. There is no point in using 200% prestige and runes outside xp and drops events.

It really needs an update. Something that really encourages players to play. These new hunting zones 110 are impossible for anyone other than r110 blood +12 and set blood r110 +10, mid talismans, mid jewel brooch, etc ... to play. The timed zones are the same.

For me who don't have top gears, it is a loss to continue with the subscription. I can only farm in PI and storm. 5 scrolls and 80kk of adena in 2hs.

For me that my currency is not in dollars, there is no point in continuing with the subscription outside events. And that gives up. Look at this new event that is happening, I opened more than 50 boxes, there was just an incredible dye of men legendary, the rest was just a lucky scroll buff. How many do we need to open to see something decent? the event is two weeks long and we can only pick up the buff once a day. Tell me how likely are you to enjoy the event? Have fun? Or rejoice in getting some good item with the event?

Today the game is all about killing mobs. It is impossible to do instances like kamaloka, baylor ... etc ... Even with mid gears. For most of the server, having a r99 +10 bloody set and +12 blood r99 weapon is still a dream.

When you open a room, everyone who appears to do it is the one who still has set twb +8 and weapon exalted. Tell me if you have any changes to finish kamaloka that only gives 1 x tri. You spend 1 hour for that. The same is for Glúdio instance.

Is this just to discourage players from canceling their subscriptions? That's what I feel and that's what motivated me to cancel mine this month.


@Juji and @Hime, att and listen to your community and players who are canceling their subscriptions.

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The market needs to be flooded with ways to oe R99 gear, I'm not talkin +20, but +8 armor/+12 weapons shouldn't cost more to make then they are worth now.  +20% stone for anything +9 or lower weapon, 640 ncoin and it will most likely fail leaving you worse then you were, let these guys have a shot at +12 - +15  weapons easier!!!  Look in AH at R99 weapons, theres nothing left but a hand full of bows. 

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