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AH - item registration and canceling


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Should have time to take back item if you put wrong price, is not normal you put and next second cant cancel it, NC should add this option like 5min time before your item go for sell if you put wrong price to can cancel it. Also they should find way to ban bots who scan Auctioneer because is cheet!!!

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For 15 years that i play i make mistakes, but i just accept the lost because it's my own fault. In this case again was my fault to put wrong price, but i cannot agree with the reason that i lost my item. If some real player bought my item iam ok with that, but i rly doubt that someone can make all the steps to make a purchase: make search in AH, noticed the item with misstype price, move cursor on it, double click to purchase and confirm the purchase and all this withing 2seconds, after i register the item ( the one who bought the item must make search after the item is registered ) and before i was able to cancel the registration...... So guys, if you still wonder why have lag in game, this can be one of the reasons :)

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On 11/12/2020 at 9:57 PM, Anak said:

Hey guys, what do you think about this situation with register item in AH with wrong price and try to cancel after.


there is nothing to think,  it has been bought right at that moment when the price has been lower than a certain amount. By a bot. 

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