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Is feoh the best dd?


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After the changes in yul, is finally the best dd in pve/pvp? 

After some tests with mid equip in pve spots like tanor and pvp fights in oly I think atm feoh s.s is really one of the strongest class. 

I put mp boost for emody mana armor and m.critical dmg. 

Second class yul g.s 

After Tyrr titan with p. Skill boost and tyrr Dr. 

I have play all these class with mid grade gear. 

Please let ur comment 


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I have feoh 110 with basic gear.


Depents how much money you want to spent.

Archer need top gear but is top farmer.

Feoh with top gear can not do the same with archer.

But in mid-low gear feoh is better.

The minus with feohs is the critical rate cap.

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