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hello good afternoon i have a doubt in my clan there is a magician who says that he has a full buff and with rapsody 42 million m atack i see it very exaggerated for not saying that it is a lie i have a feoh 109 top gear and it doesn't miss me 5 million is that true? can you get that amount of m atack?

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On 12/5/2020 at 5:14 PM, bentorero said:

and u feohs still want to remove the cap! xD

Feoh matk is not same as Patk. You can have 80 milions and do same crappy damage as with  2m matk. It is still mystical to myself after all years wth is them formulas there. But from what I know personaly , the skill power itself does the difference in damage and ofc items modifiers.  Boosting Matk is not a priority.

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Based on old Juji Labs and current L2JServer source code, the basic magical damage equation follows:


Where ss is the spirit shot damage percentage, INT and Elemental modifiers are applied in another equation.

As you can see, the root square basically kills that big matk number. Thus, don't feel that strong since X% matk will not increase damage in X%.

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