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DEAD SERVER? It's time to wake up !

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Well, since the end of the "great" xp boost we had 1 month ago, the server (chronos) is dead, I m wondering why on NCwest nothing is done to improve the game by organising some event, some new game... GM lack of creativity.. Only ca$h event or free event ... I remember a time where lineage2 was a game...... now i can't say it's a game .... There s no pleasure at all ....

So any chance to get something to do soon? Except log in and make party running afk macro 24/7? for no reward, no adena, no xp, no pvp? Well nothing....

The only reason i stil log everyday .... my cp to keep the contact...

@Juji @Hime  Guys, it's really time do to something .....

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