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Looking for guidance on character progression (stuck at 99)

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Hello, fellow players!

I am a new player. Reached the point where I do not know what to do next. Guidance would be appreciated.

My character is a level 99 female gnome(?) wizard that uses spells from melee range, whos current profession is "Sayha's Seer". I acquired R-Grade gear whilst leveling - "Paulina's" set. 

I am being sent to War-Torn Plains. But my damage is subpar and it takes forever to kill a single monster, yet I have to kill hundreds of them. And the worst thing is that my character dies.

I tried looking for gear vendors and talking to NPC's for some mega buffs, but no luck.

So my question would be:
How do I progress now?
Where do I buy at least slightly better vendor gear? 

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Free to play:

Delete that character. You won't get party anywhere. Its a single target wizard. Now is all about AOE. If you like wizards, pick a feoh.

From 99 to eternity you'll need to farm in partys (use Party Matching option to find). Blazing Swamp (BS) is better than War-Torn. First two exalted quest in BS, to get the exalted equipment very quick. Then you decide. In lvl 85 you get the 7 days vitality maintenance feather, you need to get the most benefit of it. Do Abandoned Coal Mines every day (special hunting zone), in party of course.


Pay to win:

No need to change, just get the credit card, buy a bunch of event shit, sell them, get geared like a god, farm like a god, go up to lvl 110 or more, enter a clan, pvp/pve until you get bored and then give me all your items 🤣

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1 hour ago, RedTea said:

From what I understand, slow progression through grades is out of the question as a solo player.

As a free to play, yes. With certain class u can solo with an iss maybe. But very slow.

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Obviously play whichever class you enjoy the most, but Sayha's Seer is not the best DD so it will take you longer to progress. At 99 go to Blazing Swamp (faster and easier than War-Torn Plains). It might be hard to find a free spot, though, but give it a try. At 99 you can get free buffs from the NPC. If you find it hard to solo, there are many open rooms in the Party Matching window for BS frequently. Once you complete the early Exalted quests (I can't remember which, I think it's the 1000 mobs one) you will get new better gear for free. At 99 you can also join parties to go to Abandoned Coal Mines which give you a lot of XP and help you power through the quests.

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Lesson No.1 , you do not play l2 with 1 window (aka character). Boxed ISS  is essential if you want to save time and progress in this game. I wont outline all the reasons here just trust me on this. 

The class you playing is a 1:1 pvp  toon vs legit players )) I will not comment further on this topic also  imo  it's dark area.

And as guy previously mentioned , if you like wizards  ... play Feoh.  Its decent more less everythere pvp , sieges , exp. Maybe just get 1 shoted by othels , and archers :)  just that.  

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Thank you for all the responses.

Reached level 100.
Built a proper macro for monsters that take longer to kill. Also had to go through buffs I want to use and not go broke.

Was wondering about other classes.
What about Orc Tyrant? It was fun back in the day. Saw that Gnomes also have tyrants, are they fun as well?
Male Pigeons also used to be fun.
Are Orc Destros viable?

Feoh seem interesting, its good old Spellhowler.

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Simply find a group that farms in BS and stay there till you finish the first 2 exalted quests (so you get some gear), then go to beleth and so on. You should be fine with not spending any money till 107, and you can decide what you're gonna do at that point :)

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