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2 friends with growing archer party LF strong ENG speaking clan

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Hi everyone, me and my friend are looking for a an active clan to join, with a strongĀ position in the server to share farming spot for fast lvl up and late game content pvp/pve.

We have 2 party leveling up at moment, I mostly play the archers (I should say pay the archers šŸ¤£) while she loves playing supports and has great experience playing healers.Ā 

First party consist of a BD a PP end a SR, the SR is equipped with +7 focus carnage bow and a doom light. Average lvl 65.

Second party has an WC an EE and an HE. the HE has BOP focus +6 and doom armor.Ā Average lvl 52.

We do spend some reasonable money inĀ the shop, so we like to semi power play when we can.


We are decent people, like to have fun and we would love to find, strongĀ like minded people, that would help us grow on the server.


Thank you!

I forgot to add that we are playing on Giran serveršŸ§ 

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