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It looks like nobody want to do something. Only cry. So I just leave it here.

I don't need professional filmmakers. I'm not planning on hiring any of you. Remember that.

I will work on it whole next year even with only one participant.

Rules (will discus and may update it):

1. I have 2 points for vote, each judge has only one. I pay, it's fair.

2. Only new videos are allowed to participate.

3. One day, one video. Live queue: first in, first out.

4. Deadline is 22th day of month. If you don't meet the deadline, your premiere will be postponed to the next month.

5. Promote only game. Server info is not allowed in the video. (Be careful with titles and other things.) Use description for credits and details.

6. Put idea and video editing first. Gear, level, class, chronicles, server and country are no matter.

7. If you won, you skip next circle.


For editors:

1. $100 to the month winner, $10 to random participant.

2. $1000 in the end of year to the winner of the year. If winner of the month and winner of the year is the same person, then $600 to him, $100 for second place and $300 to random participants.

For subscribers:

1. As soon as channel reach 1000 followers $100 for 1 random subscriber.

Video requirements:

It's 16:9. FullHD or better. 30/60 fps. Length from 200-400 seconds. .H263, .264, .mp4 or other formats pre-rendered with maximum compatibility to YouTube (there are many presets around).

Video must follow YouTube policies.

First 5 seconds (or more but not less) you mention that this made especially for contest.


Good luck! 



Additional info is coming soon.

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Show how you felt or still feel by playing. What you like the most about the game.

The video should be entertaining. Crap is not allowed! 😄

I don't think that somebody will be able to lure people making up adena arts, but if your idea is good, then try to implement it.

There are no restrictions on the presentation, but it would probably be great if the clips had some kind of plot/idea.


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I'd like you to get right what you can take part in. Nobody has done this before. (At least I don't know anyone.) And we have everything to make it.

In 2022, they will launch Lineage 2 Remastered, and this version will sink into oblivion. And then someday, 10 years later, you will want to show someone what you spent your best years for. And, you see, it will be cool if you can then say: "Look, it's mine... I did it."

If you would like to support or express gratitude, please welcome, I will post a link for Patreon/BMC. If you don't want to, that's okay. I collect participants Patreon or BuyMeaCoffee accounts/links because I don't wanna waste my time figuring out how to transfer rewards to the winners. This shouldn't be my problem.

If you decide to sit back and wait for everything to go, then I hack your system to hell. Every month, among all the participants, I will give away another 50 bucks to anyone who is lucky. (I value work more than mere luck.) Since this is a pilot and last month, it will be attached to next year. Thus, all participants of this month will have thirteen attempts. Now add here that they can participate 12 times for a whole next year. What are the odds to get a reward? I think much more than NCsoft offers each "event".

BUT, if you want your video to be accepted, work on it to make it worth at least those hundred dollars. Think over the plot, musical accompaniment. Don't forget about the technical requirements. You must understand that if you make a PVP video, then we will look at your skills (of course: we are all players); if it will be some kind of story we will evaluate the plot, for example.

Good luck.

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Something went wrong with Google Forms Publisher. I need more time to set this up. Video assets also...

Required info is like this(welcome to disqus):

1. Title (of your movie)

2. Nickname (your well known most commonly used)

3. Server(Server details) - not neccessary 4. patreon.com or buymeacoffee.com - your payment link (REQUIRED)

5. Credits (if you want to say something or you have included royalty free music; your YT/Twitch channels/Other)

6. Link to GDrive video file shared only for mmomoviecontest@gmail.com


By granting me access to the file, you automatically give me all the necessary rights to post it on the network without any restrictions. This is necessary so that when you see dislikes under your video, you do not rush to me asking you to delete the video. I have no desire to engage in such nonsense.

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Okay. I spent much time trying set up spreadsheets auto filling from g.forms with different add-ons, but got error...

I found that Discord shall be enough for applications. Also everybody will be able to track events in the feed of channel.


News also will be there:


There are all video assests. !!!

You can use version I made or make your own from them. You must integrate and show intro before main clip.

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