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Seriously 100 Destiny Packs Limit???

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Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea, and who approved it?  Sometimes I feel like I'm on a reality show to see how people react when others just constantly do things backwards or straight out wrong.   1 per acct, what is wrong with you guys?  You would of sold me 6 packs, but you managed to sell me none.  Think of how many others are thinking the exact same thing!!!

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I add that usually after restart start selling items, now why so early ? The timezone of server is usually playable after server RR. again and again for few ppl  are those items !!!
My advice to all is to have fun and play with what u got, nothing more, Naia is a pvE server no need  spend nothing more in order  to kill creeps, if  company change the way see us then i might start my prestige again.

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1 hour ago, evapwnz said:

cant buy nccoins from Ukraine/Russia. Any official info? ok we cant create chars I accept it. But we play here 10+ years and dont want go to Core. Take my money!

just buy NCoins from GTC resellers and apply the codes on your account


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12 hours ago, Lunastariel said:

How many people are actually online to purchase it at this time? What a bad decision to make this a limited purchase.

let's see..

  • bad time to communicate
  • to short notice
  • not enough supply (fake as it's virtual)
  • upsetting basically almost all ncoin spending players except for those 100 that did manage to get 1



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Thanks soo much for bleeping over pretty much every NA player and player that actually works for a living.

you know 7AM server reset, I'm on the clock till 5pm Mon thru Fri. So I guess maybe I should quit my job if I want to be able to participate in these limited PAY to WIN Exploits.

The NeckBeards in Mom basement might have a chance if they can power up the some sweet Dew and Tendies first.

bleep I'm stupid for playing this game for 16Yrs. Profit over PEOPLE FTW!!!


PS, I'm still waiting for my Kiss First.

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