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Minor: SoE - Dire Wyrm - Wrong Element Desc or El Exp Type


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On 11/25/2020 at 3:24 PM, TiaDalva said:

- Noticed that mob Dire Wyrm on Sea of Spores has WATER element description.
- But on kill it gives WIND spirit exp.

Thank you.

It is not necessary that mobs attack element always matches their weakness element. i.e. Antharas is earth element, but vulnerable to wind.

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4 hours ago, TiaDalva said:

@Nevermind Wow, this is weird...
When you read about the system, it tells which element beats other so you can to prepare.
Without the "logic" it just become another random stuff to deal with without any chance of planning.
Well, thanks by the clarification. :)


These cases are quite rare though. And you can actually easily test this in game by changing attribute and seeing the difference in damage.

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