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Apparently everyone knows who is the owner of those bots but they are still there making it impossible for new character to complete main path quest which awards 2kk xp and a lvl 1 brooch.

This is a disgrace from a management point of view on so many level. What are you doing?

I understand that this project has less than 500 active players and a bunch of us are keeping it up by buying stuff in the store, but the maintenance is atrocious.


Now before you say I don't know what I am talking about, I understand that bots have been an integral part of the game pretty much since lunch and I tolerate them, but to have bots in a main path area leaving no space for real players to complete quests is unacceptable.


Think about it for a second, this goes beyond the limit.



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I reluctantly have to concede the bots are out of control it just feels like there are no gms governing them at all.


They could add some sort of event encouraging active clans to hunt these afk players for medals that awarded gear or cosmetics....but I dont get an active developtment feeling anymore from this game. More of a keep it limping along 

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"So much whining from players expecting a wow classic experience. Ya'll couldnt handle L2 at its peak in all its glory this classic experience is a breeze by comparison.


Lol I dont even know what to say about all these youngin's, you truly have no idea what this game was like in its prime. Not to mention the auto combat system is far from the bots we had back in 2003-2008 the programs we used were far more intelligent and customizable and youd have to leave it on overnight just for material/adena grinds let alone the xp.


Ya'll gone soft. Dont try Bdo I think youd find similar complaints there with their auto systems." Bufferlla26


"Bunch of ya'll clearly didnt play Lineage 2 back in its day. Theyve catered to you whiney soft players to the point its a breeze. It used to take weeks to get the higher levels and every death was painful. We welcomed the bots to take the strain off the grind.


Stop comparing it to modern games, that was never the heart of Lineage 2. Play live if you dont like the grind in classic but theyve already changed it plenty just to cater to players who couldnt handle a true grind of an mmo at its peak. 



Soft bud."  Bufferlla26


 LoL, enough said

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