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Known Issue: Can't see Raid on the map (list)


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Raid on the map should be able to see with character which is +-3lvl different from Raid Boss.

But seems this doesn't work for Raid Boss which lvl is 92-105 lvl.

For example 94lvl character can't see 92lvl Raid and 97lvl.  Also if you want to see 98 lvl Raid you need exactly 98 lvl character (so 95,96,97,99,100,101) can't see Raid  98lvl.

Please check it and do something.



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As guy make topic with your level you should see list of raids which are +/- 3 lvl different from you.

Where is LOGIC with lvl 98 you can see only one 96 and and only 98lvl raids? But can't see 97lvl no metter grey or not (alive or not).

98-3=95 right?   98+3=101 right? what here you can't understund 9_9    so should be able to check it with characther which level is 95-101

I should draw or record video if can't understund? 9_9

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