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Sry, I am not "GREEDY", just give me craft back.

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First of all I woul like to congratulate the game admins by doing updates, shows that they are "trying" something to incentive players.

But why by the god's sake you don't just enable "crafting" back? Some "realistic" players knows that unless these chests drop a full DW lv3 they will not stand a chance against the powerusers (please, don't get me wrong here, these players invested a lot of dedication to get where they are).

Also by your own experience you should know more than me or everyone here that each time you implement a "valuable random system" you do not favour any noob that would be hunting here or there but people that can to control areas (what is made easier by the PK system current flaws), we have the Cursed Weapons as a clear sample from this.

Some players (as me) just want to gear their characters by effort, craft/spoil/enchant their stuff and progress realistically and at the L2 pace if this effort is recognized by some big clan take the next step and so on. Buy Adena (legally or illegaly) should be the "last resource" or the way people without patience and that wants to be top/pro on the first months takes.

Craft lets ALL PLAYERS get access to gear up, customize our characters and is something to do "while" you level up, is one of the better game systems you have. You should of course keep your "exclusive" stuff as epics, curseds and DWs to the top guys, but "basic stuff" should be accessible to everyone and this was one of the better aspects from crafting (and drops, spoil...). 

Until if doing as on Classic (guess where I am now) with materials with 0 adena price, it allows players to make their own parallel game at their own pacing. Play on Live now is alike having a pimp whose you need to give all your money and after go "farm" by more, sry, there is no fun or accomplishment on this routine.

My characters here will be waiting until a "better carrot" appears. :)

PS: The fun/happiness on get a "Masterpiece Craft" is a memory I will  keep forever, thanks by this.


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A long time ago these two class pecific to the dwarves  were very important, or even essential, since the big fafurion update the spoiler is dead, the only thing that remains, if we can say it,  at high level  the spoiler with a lot of luck because cause more you go high the more the drop chance rate increases to get the crystal augmenting stone, and exchange them to the blacksmith to get the augment stone, but it takes a lot so not obvious, addition  it's the weakest class of dagger, and don't  rely too much on the prestige rune pack which doesn't 'brings almost nothing.
The dead crafters also because the items can be dropped, their interest remains the Mysterious Soulshot, but  you can have them in the L2 store, so the dwarf class is indeed broken, they must be restored to their first quality, like we say in France  "to give back their letter of nobility.

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