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Greedy chests ? Really?

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the initiative is great, it's a good idea to equip players who can't pay with lvl 5 jewels, however and as always, there are always players who think they are smarter than the others by posting several alts in the areas where chests are likely to appear.
Is it normal that the same players always have more privileges? Because these alts do not belong to low level players.
Why not make a portal like the old chests? Or find another way, like for example the Greedy Treasure Chest that falls from the mobs as a drop?

Hunting and not boting!

We have to put an end to these privileges that flood the game with alts for their good profit.

Give the same chances to all, this is a collective game not an individual one to make money selling the jewels.

@Hime @Juji


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@Jujiare these chests made for botters? They are setting up routes and run around with bot for these chests. In Naia, 2-3 guys are making their alts then use bot to run around for chests 24/7 non-stop. This is impossible for other players to contest for it

Besides the brooch drop, the EXP getting from killing these chests is insanely high

Chests = bots = brooch drop + insane EXP

This is really unfair for other players

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places are full of bots siting as cameras. Noone can check those siting chars for use of programs?

even if you are lucky to find a chest at the time it spawns, an end-gear-char is ported instantly at the spot and on-hit kill it .


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