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My prospective as a casual Classic player.


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Hey L2 Team :)

I just thought i would give some feedback on my experience as a 'casual' player who is currently farming with a 6 person party (all my characters) using in-game macros and the auto-hunt feature.

What are my biggest issues?

  • Finding somewhere i can hunt in relative peace... 
    Given the auto-hunting and macros, places like the catacombs are ideal however every single room is taken. If by chance i do find a room it isnt long before a bot party comes, PKs me and steal my room.

    As mentioned by numerous others, there needs to be more hunting areas AND/OR instanced zones
  • Understanding which is the best game currency to invest in.
    Night Coin, L2 Coin or NCoin.. Its confusing and I would prefer just 1 or 2 types of currency.
  • PKing....
    I get it, its part of the game, but why is it that a decked out, high level degenerate can just run around eviscerating everything in his path without any sort of REAL punishment? I'm not a care bear by any means, but the PK system in this game is broken garbage.

And that for me is about it. I really just want to be able to farm in peace... I actually find the most enjoyment in leveling up characters and optimizing my macros/rotations for my party :)

Please people, this is simply my opinion. I know others will have different takes. No need to abuse or flame.

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Oh man dont spend real life money for night coins or l2 coins buy some night coins only if you need to keep up a lost event items like talisman of authority ( if you dont have one here is your opportunity to get one) you have right about catacombs is very hard to keep a room there and for pk system it sucks and you are lucky enough cus before some months pk toons could use tp all around the map with no penalty stats

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