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Server overload PK problem and New Zones

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Hello people. lately the server is full of rmt and bots. Farming the few areas of adena. that a normal player can do. it is impossible to farm for a normal player on this server. when you try to go to the area where the rmt are farming. several pk come and kill you quickly. that's frustrating to casual people. How frustrating that casual people can't farm because they come and peke you instantly. you go to another area but it is not the same. because the only good areas are catacomb, necropolis and cruma. and lately all those sites are full. full of bots and rmts and pk protecting ponies and archers. that keep farming there. you will say ... well go to raise 76 in elemental zones. But do not have sense. what's the use of doing that? if the same level 76 to 90. who are heros are farming in those 3 areas of catacomb necropolis and cruma ??. it's totally frustrating that you want to enjoy the game and you can't. just because there are 3 areas to farm adena and they are all occupied and they give you pk if you approach. I love lineage 2 but in these conditions. it's totally frustrating to continue. ncsoft please try to open new zones. so that a normal and casual person can farm their own set. quietly. enjoying the game. those pk are killing casual people and therefore they leave the server. in the end there will be only pk and rmt left on this server. me and those who think like me. they just want there to be new farming zones. open more tastings. open the city of rune. open areas where a casual person can farm quietly. that's all and I hope you hear me.

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the first priority is to open new hunting grounds... Neither the necropolis nor cruma or toi are places u can xp... Many bots... Some good people come and kill them for a while (1-2 hours) and after they resurected they summon their own pk 84 lvl and empty the room... and disconnect... and keep farming... ITS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

Yesterday in cruma, one greek fellow pk my boxed buffer (2 party only!!!) and his 9 party healed him and rezed him when i was chasing him... 9 bots healing dancing etc... That is our server!!!

Thnx dev team!!

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