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-Imagine a place similar to the Coliseum, but theres an NPC there. When you click the NPC it brings up a bar where you type in the selected player you wish to dual for adena.

 - When you hit enter on their name it sends a request to them asking if they wish to proceed, assuming they choose 'yes' - both players then type in their selected amount of adena.

-Once selected both players will teleport to an empty zone much like a private Oly setup and go best out of 3 rounds.

-After the fight - 1/4 of the losers money will go to the NPC and L2 can recirculate it back into the server, then the  winner gets to keep his portion of the the adena  as well as the other 3 quarters from his opponent.

-For example :   2 people Bet 4b each = winner gets 7b and the server gets 1b back for fee's.  

-IN turn i feel this might tone down the drama on the server, maybe bring back some friendly competitive interaction (With adena included!!),  and bring the l2 community back togeather with somthing we can all do.  I know the majority of oldschool players miss the race track days where you could go blow off steam and shoot the S*** with ur buddies ^^

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