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Tyrr Duelist Guide

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Hello guys,
Can someone help with how to set duelist these days in PVP, please?
I mean heavy or light set, abilities, SA on weapon, dual class skills, how to enchant skills and totally what's the priority? What's helpful in PVP. No lame comments, please like to delete that char and create mage or archer.
Thanks in advance

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pvp ? rich man :)

use search for tyr pvp builds/gear here and be aware with the times alot of new expensive stuff got added

best / fastest way is to watch Oly Tyr matches and check their gear & names so u can try pm them for more details

Tyr is a good class to play at high levels and with at least 2+tril gear for PVP nowadays but ya that 2tril is kinda starting point for PVP at end game, no joke

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Hello, i have play tyrr titan but I can give u some realistic advice for tyrr duelist. 

First priority is ur weapon. Take frenzied tauti dual axe with tyrr and with one good augment. That will help u for some pvp fights and pve. 

Try for Dark Heavy Set r99+8 or more. 

Take tauti ring for p. Skill power and pvp. 

Baium Soul str

Atlas +12

Special confusion earring

Octavis neck normal


Try to have 85+ dex and rest str. 

Radiant of authority +5

Try for veteran mask +4,+5 or queen navari mask +5.

Insanity, 7s, Abudance lvl 1, venir stage 16+ talisman of protection, exalted talisman. 

Take some agathion for p. Skill critical dmg, rate, p. Attack

This is one good start


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