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I doubt any of the GM's will read or care... but here goes.

Its well know that many people are using illegal programs in order to farm the greedy boxes. Therefore, only a handful of poeple are benefiting for the newest add on to the game. And everyone else is cheated out of them.

Here is a suggestion on how this issue could be resolved that would give everyone a fair chance or aquiring an item from them.

I think the whole random spawing process should be eliminated and use a different approach for them to spawn.

So, for them to spawn, lets say a character would have to kill a certain amount of mobs, lets say 10k. After the last mob has been killed a greedy box bound to that character would spawn. The character would have lets say 10 minutes to kill the mob before it dissapears. The character could have help from party members to kill the box if he is not strong enough to kill it himself. But anyone not part of the party would not be able to deal damage to the greedy box. When the box dies the drop can only be picked up by the character from whom the box was bound to.

Then the process could start again. In order to avoid useless farming from low characters to farm the greedy boxes by just an overload of new character creation with this goal in mind. I would suggest that this benefit would be for level 110+ or definately at a higher level. So only characters that put their time in would get this benefit.

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maybe they should make the name of the chest random so you can be sure, if it gets auto targeted instantly, it's a bot.

or there should be some gate that can be entered by standing in it without target. so many ways to get rid of this, but is there motivation to change it?

if you are lucky to see and record the abuse of 3rd party software you should send it via support ticket. i did that already, and don't share the video with others than the support team for obvious reasons.


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