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More 105+ Hunting zones with High Mdef and Bow resist

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Dear developers!

Now with this Xp event it became pretty clear that we should have extra hunting zones with bow resist and high mdef mobs(like war torn)on higher leves.

We have Ivory crater where we would have enough mobs to kill with rogue/tyrr/tank/summoner, but at the moment you can see almost only YUL or FEOH with buff cocktails killing most of the mobs.
If you go out to other zones like Aligator/sillent valley for example you would see the same. 
I know the plan is to try to make people to work together and create parties, but you should have alternative options where you could kill mobs 1by 1 with out running into a big party after every few mobs or a solo AoE player, but even if you try to join to a party on those levels they mostly looking for YUL or FEOH as DD’s because they killing much faster. 

So sadly for most of the Tyrr/Rogue/tank/summoner classes you have left to try to walking around on Phantasmal or ivory crater and try to kill those few left over mobs which is a massive disadvantage on events like this.  

Other players feel free to give me feed back about your thoughts on this. 

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