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Othell Gear 108+

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Yo daggers, 

This class in my opinion is one of the most balanced classes and enough easy to build up pve/pvp because need all the warriors boost p. Skill power, p. Skill critical dmg, p. Critical dmg, p. Attack, attack attribute. 

In 108 lvl with dual skills from 107 and mid grade gear I am very excited. My brother play yul and tyrr so I can say that othell in experienced hands can fight classes with better gear effectively. 

I have dark light set +10

+12 bloody dual r99 for pve

Insane kelbim one hand with Sigel for pvp

Baium Soul con craft. Yes baium soul because othells have a lot strike skills.  

Rules authority with str craft. 

Bless antharas with p. Def craft

Atlas earring

Tezza soul mind

Rules belt

Radiant authority +5

Queen navari +5

Talismans : Insanity, 7s, Abudance lvl 2, venir stage 19, exalted talisman, talisman of protection lvl 3. I will work for better.. 

My Artifacts still low and I am waiting the event. But really worth to get lvl 3 book and put full artifacts. (+3stat)

My skills p. Skill power +10 and time. 

I need forgotten spellbooks ch. 2 

Cloak atm I use exalted and I will try to enchant Elmore and Ferios. With 55 luc what chances i have? 

Dyes str +5 dex+1 fire resist

Str +5

Dex +5

Jewells I use ruby 4, Emerald 4, opal 4, Garnet 4, tanz 3 and I want to buy cat eye 5 because I need it against feohs. My real problem is feohs and not tyrrs. Feohs use body mana armor and they don't take dmg, they reflect it to me. If feoh have high resist in confusion and strike is hard to take him down.  

I hope this class stay strong and in the next update. 





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