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How to set up Auto Giant Critical Damage Buff

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ok, i got it 

first, put buff weapon, active critical buff and main weapon on the shortcut bar. eg buff weapon (F1), Buff (F2), main weapon (F3)

then write marco

1st line -> F1

2nd line -> delay 2

3rd line ->F2

4th line -> F3

5th line -> delay 300

then every 300 seconds, the active critical buff will be reloaded.


but for now, i am losing the armor destruction debuff to mobs

any suggestions?

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If you have that buff to a second weapon, you cant do something more...

The best is to place it in your main weapon. So you dont have to change all the time. Especially if you play 24 hours, its impossible to activate auto-hunting system, and have acticated an other macro simultaneously.   

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The way to do this correctly is to use a ingane macro only for the buff and auto-hunt + kbd or mouse macro for your desired skills.

Works almost flawlessly.

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thanks guys

I still could find a way to auto buff the giant critial damage, but i found a good macro for iss hierophant auto POM for 2 ppl

like this

/target player 1


/attack (this is to follow players)

/delay 150  (this is depending on your POM CD)

/target player 2


/Trio Sonata

/Ensemble Melody

/Fantasia Harmony


/attack  (this is to follow players)

/delay 150


this will endless use POM for 2 player. but please note, all other buffs which may interrupt the attack (follow) needs to be turned off, these other buffs will make hieroplant stop following players and the next POM may out of range. All the necessary buffs are written in the macro, so I think this is a pretty cool macro for 3ppl team leveling

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