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Bots waitting for Greedy Chests. Enough is enough

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1 hour ago, Harperz said:

i had some few contacts with support team, one was bot report with video. some days later the bot party in bs was gone. maybe luck?

and i can tell you the support here is by far better than 4game support.

btw telling ppl to not report bots isn't very smart...

dude, they prob hit 105 and moved, or were deleted to make new 105's


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10 minutes ago, Harperz said:

yes, they exp in few days to 105 in blazing swamp xD

if you aren't hitting 105 in a few days at blazing, you are doing something terribly wrong

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not gonna argue, the 30-40 mentees i've raised and deleted, none ever took longer then 2-3 days in blazing, during xp events it's 2 days 1-105 almost completely afk. 

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On 1/24/2021 at 4:34 PM, CataPvE said:

Well i reported a few guys for scanning chests in-game,ncsoft did nothing and they 100% are scanning since if u watch closely on market u will see a few **** members are killing 80% of chests.

It's very easy to accuse people,  you need proof, and if averer  NC  soft will be able to judge. The NC west mechanism is to blame, they implements things, and gives the monopoly to a handful of players, who take advantage of this to keep prices high on certain items, they have several similar items sometimes, but prefer to sell only one or two, to sell them at a higher price, no competition therefore higher prices, which is regrettable for the others. The UE server this problem is minimize, because the prices are lower therefore the items remain accessible to the greatest number, and if you want many box, then you pay and you are limited by IP and Mac .
Indeed some put spy box on almost all the spots to chase the greedy, so can intervene quickly with their high gear to kill the greedy, and the greedy does not necessarily kill as soon as they appear, which shifts the hour small Little by little, some may also use programs to be alerted when greedy appears. There will always be flaws, but it's sure  NC west could take measures to limit the inconvenience.

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The solution is to remove chests and add randomly spawned mobs. Like the old Lizardmen quest for holy crystals.

A special mob with the same name as a normal one would spawn with a green title after killing a regular one.
Just change chests to those types of mob mechanics.

No one would be able to uses spys to target them.

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