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Mass agro skill for archers


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right, so... i'm a tank and you're asking to make my toon even more obsolete? :) please NC, add mass 20x dmg skill to tanks, because ...equality i guess? 

you do understand how selfish, game breaking and unfair that would be right?

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Mass Agro = Mass Bullseye = Phoniex arrow, yadda yadda

Phoniex arrow can be directional to area your normal aoes aren't hitting and mass bullseye will pull a full circle in places like PI.  Mass bullseye has a long cooldown so you need to work on skill cooldown to reload it quicker.  It isnt perfect but its better than waiting for a tank to come along, you level them up they leave to go with someone even higher lol  (don't ask) lol

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He probably hasn't learned the Z axis in the game right now is off and skills like multi arrow will not hit mobs it should if you aren't standing in that sweet spot.  Go farm a fort, it is so buggy they will probably be removed soon rather then fixed.

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