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sigel hell knight

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Hello to all and happy new year. I am a returning player after 2 years and i would like an opinion about gear. I currenty have
+10 r99 set heavy
tauti 1h 
+4 orfen ear
+5 bles zaken ear
+7 baium 
+3 ring of creat
+3 frintez neck
hellfire talisman ,venir lv7
brooch lvl 3s

any advice what should i aim for first

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Hi mate welcome back!! 

First priority is to check ur exalted quests. 

Try to increase ur con with Dyes or other items like venir stage 19.

U need also longing

Try to boost ur p. Def, hp, elem defence with all the ways, items, skills. 

Read previous topics u will help u

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