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Enchant rates are broken. 6 ASEWS to make my weapon +10 and all failed, using lucky potions and all that kinda stuff who suppouse to increase your enchant rates.
This means 6 ASEWS x 450.000.000 = 2.700.000.000 Billions and wasnt able to even obtain +1 more stage on my weapon?, is this even fair with my investment on this game?.
In fact there was 7 scrolls wasted. 
Dont even talk about cloak rates, 200 scroll and my cloak got +2, TY for letting me have +2 cloak.

Economoy's are broken, inside and outside the game but you still making imposible to players to improve their chars.
You are not giving the ingame mechanics to obtain the needed profits and improvements correlated to the char gear and investment. Only big botters are able to farm stuff.
Do you knew that almost 98% of the population thinks you dont care about players?, i know this is irrelevant to you, but it a direct evaluation as you as profesionals. 

If i had to evaluate the fluctuation of players, and the customer behavior. You would be the worse enterprise around. Dont even know how you keep in business. 

Also i played live version of the game and it was wide easier to enchant and get stuff. 
ANS ME THIS: Why in the hell you love to watch playes in misery? Miserable chars with miserable rates. Give ppl some hope on this version dude, WTF!

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This isn't even "classic"  This version sucks so bad it isn't even funny.  I just logged in for the first time in forever and was like, wth are my shots?  I then found out that you can buy shots in the store now AND there is only ONE kind, I mean wtf is a dwarf suppose to do now?  The only way for a crafter to make money is to craft gear and you need a crap load of mats to do that and on official is not easy to do.  Also when "classic" first came out the spoil rates were so horrible that even spoilers couldn't get many mats, trust me I know because that was my main.  Also level 70 was suppose to be the cap back then and yet there were guys that were account sharing and found out that you could go above level 70 so they stayed in Antharas' Lair and kept on playing and got to 76 and 77 when the level cap was said to be only 70.  This is a poorly ran company with idiots that run the show and didn't even listen to its player base.

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