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Eviscerator skill ask and HELP

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Eminent Ability - STR +14. Your STR can reset cooldown or double skill effect duration.

I have question for all Eviscerators if some one can tell me if any of you was got RESET on any of skill ? (attack skill or debuff, SM)

I never seen that on my Evi and i'm trying to explain for GM to check this skill but i have a problem to explain and get a proof, if this skill works fine. They told me to make a video, when its happens etc. But this is passive skill so how to make video if RESET never work  - recording 24 h ? and i got second answer when i was write its impossible to show that.

  • Screenshot of the skill you are referring:
  • Approximate Date and Time:
  • How many times has this occurred?
  • What are the steps to reproduce this problem?
  • Is there any other pertinent information that you believe will help us pinpoint and resolve the issue?

Please some one help with that. I don't have any id how to explain them that.

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It's referring to skill mastery. Similar to the AP skill in the warrior tree.


Your buffs can crit for double time, such as a self buff, or an atk skill can reset instantly, and have no cool down.  Either of those times is when the skill you are referencing is activating. 

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Yes  now how it have to be. Double time its work fine just only a problem is RESET doesn't work at all. I was never get on any of skill. Every Evi now reset doesn't work just i'm starting do something with that but how to get proof of that ? If never work how to show that ? If that will be work it will be a huge difference on this class.

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I see it work all the time on archer anyways, don't see why evis would be any different.  your macro might be too long and even though the skill is ready, you aren't trying to use it any more.  idk, tryin to help

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